Buffalo Lawyer Protects Your Rights in Domestic Violence Cases

Representing those who have been abused or falsely accused of abuse

Domestic violence refers to violent or abusive behavior in the family setting. This complicated area of law straddles family and criminal law. In instances of domestic violence, courts may issue interim protective orders, which impose limitations on the accused party before any finding of guilt. The Law Office of Linda M. DiPasquale can help victims of domestic violence obtain protective orders. I also defend the rights of family members who have been unfairly subjected to a protective order because of false claims of abuse.

Getting protection for yourself and your family

If you have suffered abuse or threats of abuse from a spouse or someone living in your home, you should seek protection as soon as possible. A Buffalo domestic violence lawyer can help.

The first step is to obtain a temporary, ex parte protective order; that is, an order issued at the request of one party without the presence of the other party. Such an order can include specific terms, such as a prescribed distance that the abuser must maintain from you. It also could remove the abuser from the home and bar the abuser from contacting you. If you need a protective order, I can guide you through the process. Conversely, if you are the target of a protective order that is based on false accusations, I can help you clear your name.

A few days after the court issues the ex parte order, a hearing will be held with the participation of the alleged abuser to determine if the ex parte order should remain in effect until a final determination is made. You need an experience domestic violence attorney to represent you at this hearing.

I have helped victims of domestic violence for many years in Buffalo -- first as a volunteer for Haven House, a shelter for battered women and children, and now as a family law attorney. If you have been abused or threatened, I will work quickly to get you the protection you need.

Buffalo domestic violence attorney also defends against false claims of abuse

During a divorce or child custody dispute, it is not unheard of for one party to falsely accuse the other of domestic violence in hopes of gaining an advantage. It is critical that you have an experienced domestic violence lawyer defend your interests at the first hearing after an ex parte order has been issued against you.

Contact an experienced domestic violence attorney in Buffalo

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