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Separate bank accounts are not divorce protection

Millennials in New York and across the nation are departing from some of the typical marriage behaviors of older generations. For example, 28 percent of married Millennial couples are keeping their finances separate instead of having joint accounts. But separate bank accounts may not protect assets from property division if a couple divorces.

Divorce heats up in the summer

Summer and other vacation periods add stress to families in Buffalo that are already experiencing marital problems. Filings for divorce, in fact, increase in August and March, according to a study presented at the American Sociological Association in 2016. Planning for divorce involves several steps that should begin well before the first divorce documents are filed with the court.

Prenups can help New Yorkers if there are financial issues

Love may overcome a future spouse's financial and legal troubles for many in Buffalo. Before marriage, however, it is important for a spouse who is marrying someone who already has financial or legal problems to take precautions and ensure there are protections in place if there is ever a divorce.

Do a financial exam before divorce

Deciding whether to end a marriage is a life-altering and emotional experience. But a spouse, especially one who was not heavily involved in business or the couple's finances, should also take steps to determine the financial impact of their divorce.

Divorce post-script

A marriage may legally end with a divorce decree. Planning for divorce, however, should also include taking actions after the decree is issued. A spouse who was on their ex's health insurance policy must obtain their own policy. Likewise, the ex must be removed from a spouse's policy and the insurance carrier should receive notification about the change in their marital status.

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