About Me

I am Linda M. DiPasquale, a family law attorney who has served clients in Buffalo and the Greater Niagara region for more than 30 years. During that time, I have resolved hundreds of complex cases involving custody, visitation, support, relocation, paternity, adoption, maintenance and domestic violence. My guiding principle has always been that family law matters should be handled with care and compassion.

I received my bachelor’s degree from Canisius College in 1984 and my law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1987. I am licensed in North Carolina and practiced family law and matrimonial law in North Carolina before returning to my hometown of Buffalo. For more information about my background, please click on the link below.

A Respected Full-Service Family Law And Divorce Attorney

I am prepared to handle every aspect of family and matrimonial law for you, whether you’re facing a divorce, custody procedures, proposed child relocation, property division dispute, maintenance requests, child support or other family law matter. I am an honest, trustworthy and compassionate lawyer, but also a tough advocate dedicated to protecting your interests.

I feel it is my responsibility to put you in a position that allows you to make the best possible decisions for your future. You are the one who has to live with the results of your case, and I want every client to be an active participant in his or her case. You will get clear guidance and detailed information about the particular options available in your case, and I will discuss these options with you. You will be kept fully informed every step of the way.

In every case I handle, I look for opportunities to reduce conflict, and settle if possible. In many cases, you will be dealing with your spouse in the future if you have children together, and it is important to try to maintain a cordial and respectful relationship. However, sometimes it is not possible to resolve a case, and it is necessary to go to trial to present your side of the story. If court is necessary, know I am going to be there for you, fighting to help you get the results you need to move forward.

Located Conveniently In Downtown Buffalo

When you need a family law attorney in the Buffalo area, I can handle your case with the care and attention you deserve. Linda M. DiPasquale, Attorney at Law, is centrally located in downtown Buffalo, one block from family and supreme courts. To find a time to meet with me, call my law firm at 716-800-2591 or send me an email.