Helping You Plan For Your Divorce

No one enters a marriage with the intention of breaking up, but once separation or divorce is on the horizon, you must prepare for it. While every divorce case is different, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your rights and improve the eventual outcome.

The most important step is to get the advice of an experienced divorce lawyer as early as possible. Delaying this step could harm you in the long run. Often, when one spouse is considering divorce, the other is considering it as well. Acting quickly to retain an attorney is essential.

What I Can Do To Help

I can review your situation and explain what you can do now to make the divorce process less traumatic. Each case is different, but your first steps include:

  • Make copies of financial information. You should gather bank statements, investment account records, 401(k) records, pension information, tax records and paystubs. Copy the paperwork for outstanding debts such as car loans and your home mortgage. Keep the copies in a secure place, somewhere other than your home.
  • List gifts and inheritances. Make a list of all the gifts and inheritances you have received since your marriage. Include any property that you owned before the marriage. Copy any supporting documents. In an equitable distribution, these gifts, inheritances and premarriage assets may be treated differently than the assets you acquired jointly.
  • Remain in your residence. Unless you are in an abusive relationship or feel that you are in danger, you should remain at the marital residence. I will advise you regarding when it is appropriate to move.
  • Do not squander marital assets. Don’t go on a spending binge, don’t give any assets away, don’t make any loans and be careful not to remove any property that your spouse owned before the marriage or received as a gift or inheritance during the marriage from your home.
  • Protect your information. It is common to keep investment records in electronic form. Copying and protecting this information can reduce the costs of discovery. If necessary, I can also help you get an order for removal of a computer from the home to protect the valuable information.

What To Do If You Or Your Children Are In Danger

I can advise you about how to get a protective order or an order for the removal of your spouse from your home. I can also help you find a safe place to stay if you are in an abusive relationship and need to leave to protect yourself. If you have been the victim of abuse or threats, it is important that you keep a diary of these incidents.

Schedule Your Consultation Today To Put Your Plan In Place

The decisions you make now can affect your life for years to come. Let me help you make wise choices to build a better future for yourself and your children. At The Law Office of Linda M. DiPasquale, family law matters are handled with care and compassion.

For a consultation, call me at 716-800-2591 or contact my office online. My office is centrally located in downtown Buffalo, one block from the family and supreme courts. We serve clients in Buffalo and throughout Erie and Niagara counties in New York state. For your convenience, appointments may be scheduled during early morning, evening or weekend hours.