Achieving Your Child Support Goals

The calculation of child support starts with a statutory formula, but in the course of handling hundreds of divorces and family court matters over the last 30 years. I’ve learned that obtaining a fair level of support is not simply a matter of applying a formula. At The Law Office of Linda M. DiPasquale, in Buffalo, we work to get the best child support arrangement for you.

To make sure that a client is not paying too much or receiving too little in child support, I examine all the factors, including time spent by each parent with the children, the income of each parent, and the educational and medical needs of the children. As your lawyer, I will seek a modification of a child support order when circumstances change and a modification is warranted. A modification may be called for if there’s a significant change in income, living arrangements have changed or a child has been emancipated.

How The Child Support Process Works In New York

In our state, the level of child support is determined by guidelines established in the New York Child Support Standards Act. Adjusted gross income of the parents is calculated, and a fixed percentage, depending on the number of children, is applied to the adjusted gross income to determine the child support obligation of each parent, subject to some exceptions.

These exceptions include cases of very high or very low incomes. The amount of support may include a contribution toward day care expenses, health insurance and uninsured medical expenses. You may be able to vary from the child support standards in some cases. An experienced child support attorney must analyze each element of the calculation and the reasons to vary from the act so the resulting obligations are fair to the parents and the children.

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