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How does adoption work in New York?

Adopting children provides them with the opportunity of becoming a cherished member of a loving family. Agency adoption must undergo a serious New York investigation and legal process.

There are two types of adoption: agency adoption and private placement adoption. In an agency adoption, children are generally in foster care and are placed by a state or local government agency. The agencies conduct investigations of potential parents and decide whether placement is in the child's best interests. These parents, if approved, can then complete the adoption process in court.

Social media can impact your custody case

You use social media every day. After a long day at work you like to scroll through your media feeds. It’s how you check the news, stay in touch with friends and find out about community events. You post statuses regularly. The posts you make are typical—updates about life, moods, scores and sales.

You are in the midst of your divorce. You and your ex are still fighting for the right custody agreement. While social media serves as a great outlet after a long day, you may want to think twice before posting.

Safeguarding credit during divorce

The end of a New York marriage should not mean the end of good credit and financial stability. Protecting credit during a divorce can help assure a spouse's ability to obtain loans and pay for their needs.

Obtaining a credit report is a crucial first step. A report discloses lines of credit, liens and outstanding credit card debt. A spouse may usually review or explain any negative data, such as divorce, foreclosure or a noncustodial parent's violations of a support order.

Reasons for seeking a prenup

Planning for the end of a marriage during an engagement seems illogical. However, a reasonable and well-drafted prenuptial agreement can lower the tensions and expense of any divorce that occurs.

A prenup can help couples work out agreements on issues such as property division. Otherwise, a court may impose decisions on these matters under New York law.

Pursuing alimony in New York

If you did not work during your marriage or were not the primary breadwinner, then you can be understandably nervous about how you will support yourself after a divorce.

In these situations, alimony, or spousal maintenance, could be available. Below, we explain some broad details on maintenance laws in New York, which can help you better assess your options as you head into the divorce process.

Adoption eligibility in New York

In comparison to some other states, New York has very flexible laws concerning who is eligible to adopt or be adopted. If you are considering adoption, the following sections can help you determine the circumstances that warrant eligibility to adopt in New York.

What Are The Requirements For Prenuptial Agreements In New York?

Recently, the invalidation of a prenuptial agreement involving millions of dollars made the news in New York. In this case, the court held that the prenuptial agreement at issue was fraudulently induced, because the husband had promised to rip up the agreement once the couple had children in order to pressure his bride into signing the agreement a couple of days before their wedding day.

What Are The Legal Grounds For Divorce In New York?

According to Census data, in 2009, more than 46,000 people divorced in New York. On October 12, 2010, New York was the last state to institute no-fault divorce. If you want to divorce your spouse, a Buffalo family law attorney can advise you whether it is in your best interest to file for no-fault divorce or to use grounds based on fault.


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What Kind Of Property Is Excluded From Equitable Distribution Under New York Law?

In New York, marital property is divided in accordance with the principle of equitable distribution of property, unless the parties agreed on a different division of property in a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Both parties are entitled to their fair share of the marital property ― which does not, however, automatically equal 50% of the assets. A Buffalo Division of Property Attorney can advise you which of your assets are separate, negotiate a fair settlement or protect your assets through litigation.

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