Over 30 Years Of Divorce Experience

Representing people going through divorce has been at the heart of my practice for three decades. At The Law Office of Linda M. DiPasquale, your needs are important to me. I hope the following helps you understand what to expect in a contested divorce.

What To Know About Divorce In New York

In a divorce, as in other civil proceedings, there is a plaintiff and a defendant. The plaintiff alleges the grounds for divorce in a document called the complaint. The plaintiff must prove the allegations in the complaint for the divorce to be granted. New York recognizes irretrievable breakdown of the marital relationship as grounds for divorce. So, in effect, a no-fault divorce is available.

As part of a divorce proceeding, there are typically many issues that must be agreed on by the parties or decided by the judge. These include spousal support (alimony or maintenance), child support, child custody, visitation and distribution of marital property, including pension/retirement benefits and liabilities.

When you turn to The Law Office of Linda M. DiPasquale, I appreciate the uniqueness of your situation and guide you carefully through the divorce process. As an attorney invested in protecting your best interests, as well as those of your children, I navigate your legal matters by:

  • Listening carefully to you.
  • Giving counsel and advice to you to assist in understanding options available to you and possible outcomes that may occur. I will work with you to bring about the best possible outcome in your matter so you may move forward in life toward a better future.
  • Strategizing. I review the particulars of your situation and work with you to plan the best approach to achieving your objectives.
  • Advocating for you. As your lawyer, I try to settle disputes out of court whenever possible, but if your case needs to go to court, I bring years of experience in litigating family law matters to your side of the dispute. I am passionate about protecting my clients’ rights, and I have a record of success.

If you or your spouse plans to dissolve the marriage, you need an experienced Buffalo family law attorney to help you prepare for and navigate the divorce. At The Law Office of Linda M. DiPasquale, family law matters are handled with care and compassion.

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