Why Hire A Family Law Attorney

When emotions run high during the end of your marriage, the temptation to think you can represent yourself to opposing counsel and in court is probably the worst idea in the world.

There is nothing like trusting a compassionate, experienced family law and divorce attorney at a difficult time in your life. Hiring a lawyer who listens, understands and has your best interests at heart — and those of your children — is the best option for advancing your goals.

I am Linda M. DiPasquale. My name will be familiar to numerous individuals, couples and families in and around Buffalo, because I’m proud to say I played a positive role in crafting their brighter post-divorce futures. This track record of success is proof that I can help you too.

Linda M. DiPasquale, Attorney at Law — Family Matters Handled With Care And Compassion

Here are just a few advantages of having a skillful divorce attorney by your side when the stakes are at their highest:

  • Extensive legal knowledge. I know the statutes inside out, and can apply them to your needs in a customized way.
  • Persuasive negotiation. I bring my fact-finding to discussions with opposing counsel, to lay the groundwork for a potential settlement and state your objectives in no uncertain terms.
  • Forceful litigation techniques. I am no stranger to the courtroom. My advocacy resonates with judges and I pursue justice for you and any children you may be co-parenting.
  • Valuable professional relationships. I have access to expert investigators, forensic accountants who can uncover hidden assets, and mental health professionals who can help you through the difficult process of divorce or assist in evaluation of custody cases.

These are just a few of the weapons in my arsenal, that I can deploy on your behalf during every twist and turn in your contested or high net worth divorce. If your divorce is uncontested, I can smoothly move it through the legal system with utmost convenience and less expense for you. I maintain the same efficiency for an array of other family law matters, including paternity, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence and adoptions of all kinds.

To set your initial consultation with me at my Buffalo, New York, law office, call today — 716-800-2591. I always respond promptly to email messages.