Does a work bonus affect your child support?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Child Support, Divorce

All income that a person receives, whether from employment or other sources, is counted toward child support. If you expect a bonus at certain times of the year or know that your child’s other parent will be receiving a bonus, how does that affect your child support order?

If you receive a bonus from your employer, the court is likely to count it along with your regular wages and other income when calculating child support.  If the amount of the bonus varies from year to year, then you may be able to contact the clerk of the court in the county where your case is and ask for a review on whether the bonus is more or less than previously projected.

Change in circumstances

According to the Resolution Center, the basis on which you can modify your child support is if there has been a change in your personal circumstances, such as a change in income. You may need to petition the court for a modification, and you and your child’s other parent may need to provide documentation of your current income. If you think the modified amount is incorrect, you may be able to file an objection.

Receiving sufficient support

If you are the recipient of child support and you have information that the payor has received a bonus that he or she did not receive previously, or if the bonus is substantially larger, you may be able to file a motion with the court for a modification to ensure you are receiving a fair amount of child support.