Social media can impact your custody case

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You use social media every day. After a long day at work you like to scroll through your media feeds. It’s how you check the news, stay in touch with friends and find out about community events. You post statuses regularly. The posts you make are typical—updates about life, moods, scores and sales.

You are in the midst of your divorce. You and your ex are still fighting for the right custody agreement. While social media serves as a great outlet after a long day, you may want to think twice before posting.

What type of online activity can impact a custody disputes?

Everything you post online can be used against you. Everything you do online should be done with great care. Online dating profiles, pictures and statuses on your feeds and even posts on your personal blog can impact your battle for custody.

How does social media activity impact a custody dispute?

People all over the world post on social media. You do the same thing as everyone else. However, social media can paint a picture of your life that you don’t expect. A picture of that great meal you had or latest fun purchase can make it seem like you have more disposable income than you do. Your ex could use pictures of you with alcohol to highlight negative drinking habits. Any posts about your divorce, ex or other pending cases are negative artillery.

What should you do about your social media during the custody dispute?

You will need to use your social media carefully throughout your divorce and custody battle. Here are some tips to consider following throughout your divorce and court hearings:

  • Never post anything negative about your ex
  • Do not post any complaints about your children—even in jest
  • Do not have your status as single throughout your divorce proceedings
  • Avoid posting pictures of alcohol, fancy dinners or new purchases
  • Refrain for posting any updates about your divorce or court proceedings
  • Never post provocative photos or create a dating profile
  • Refrain from disclosing any personal information
  • Do not suddenly block or unfriend your ex or family members
  • Avoid posting anything about a new relationship or romantic interest

You can stay off of social media in order to avoid a potentially costly mistake. Make sure you do an audit of all of your social media. Know what you have out there so that there are no surprises in the courtroom. Do what is best for your children and seek professional advice if you are worried about any of your current social media content.