Unfriending some technology in divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2019 | Divorce

Electronic media and personal electronic devices can become a headache after a couple ends their marriage or a relationship. because of this, a person should make important technology changes when planning for divorce.

Couples usually know each other’s mostly-used passwords for online bank accounts, health care and entertainment. When the divorce process is beginning, it is important to separate these type of accounts and change passwords. This will help alleviate meddling or curiosity from the soon-to-be former ex, their friends and significant others.

First, make a list of all shared passwords and then create new ones. Password protection and organization services can help this process. Couples may also share technology such as a tablet used for looking up movie or television shows and paying bills. These usually have saved passwords, an extensive browsing history and even some embarrassing images.

Before deciding which spouse keeps these shared devices, it is important to back up information and factory reset it. The devices should be wiped completely clean so it can begin like it was fresh from the factory. Computers, phones and other electronic devices that can save banking information, tax returns and other information that the spouse does not want to share should also undergo this process.

This is also a good time to split up from a Facebook account where their spouses had mutual friends, pictures or conversations and a Twitter account that was used to post updates. These accounts should be closed because information posted on these sites may be used against a spouse during litigation or allow their former spouses to keep tabs on their activities. A spouse may then create a new private profile even if they remain friends with their former partner or spouse.

Parents may also consider using various apps to assist with child custody issues. These collect communications between the parents, their location information and other helpful custody data. This information may be used in court if custody becomes disputed. These apps also help filter out any hostile communications, which can antagonize the spouses.

An attorney can help a spouse plan for divorce and protect their rights. Lawyers may also provide guidance on dealing with soon-to-be former spouses. Thus, it is important to gain information in your situation and understand what options you might have to move through the dissolution process.