What are some rules to follow to help your kids cope with divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2019 | Divorce

Divorce is incredibly difficult for children. Even if they are older and understand what is happening, it is still a disruption in their lives in New York that they cannot control. For younger children, it can be a very scary experience. As a parent, you have a huge responsibility to help ensure your divorce has the least amount of negative impact on your children as possible. You also must learn how to help them cope with all the changes.

Psychology Today recommends that you start with keeping things as consistent as possible despite the changes going on during your divorce. While some families may experience bigger changes than others, you need to make sure the changes do not affect your normal routines and that you provide as much consistency as possible. Keeping things routine and avoid a huge shakeup will make it much easier for your children to accept any changes that do happen.

On that same note, you want to work with the other parent to provide consistency between the two households. Children need this to be able to not feel confused or off balance. You should discipline the same and have the same rules to keep children feeling secure.

You also want to preserve the love for the other parent. Never play blame games or talk badly about the other parent. You should treat each other with respect, especially in front of your children.

Divorce is not an easy situation. Regardless of what led to the split, your children do not have any fault. They should not feel as if they do, and they deserve to have as little disruption in their lives as possible. You have to do everything you can to protect them and provide them with a stable family life despite the divorce. This information is for education and is not legal advice.